Monday, February 1, 2010

~ Late Night Korean BBQ ~

Last week, my friend mentioned that Il Mee in Virginia has this late night Korean BBQ buffet for $10.95. Usually, I think it's $14 for lunch and $20 for dinner. So, I was pretty excited and wanted to go try it. I wasn't the only one! We ended up with 14 people who indulged ourselves with juicy bul go gi, fatty thinly sliced pork belly, spicy and tender squid and more!! Just look at this spread!

Here's how it works. You get there, you get a table, you put down your stuff and head to the buffet table. You grab different kinds of raw meat and seafood. Don't worry, there are signs that state what everything is.

See the red sauce? It was spicy!

Round 2, you get different appetizers and sauces.

Round 3 grab some rice and lettuce.

Either the waitress will come and put the stuff on the grill or you can do it. Is your mouth watering yet?

Then, about 5 -10 minutes later, it'll be ready! See the scissors? It's for cutting the meat. Sometimes, the waitress will do it for you. But, usually, specially for the first round of meat, we just do it ourselves because we are impatient and we want to eat! The best meat is probably the bul go gi for me. A lot of people love the pork belly, but it's a little too fatty to me. I also love the squid. It was so tender! But the beauty of a buffet is that you can try everything, so ... try everything if you go!

After a couple rounds of meat on the hot plate, you will notice that stuff are getting burnt onto the plate. Don't worry, they will come and change if for you. Then, you will see all the fat that dripped down from the plate. Look at all that! If all the yucky fat is there, all that meat must be lean and healthy and I can eat as much as I want! :D

Some people just eat the meat. Some like to eat it with rice. Some like to do lettuce wraps. I like the lettuce. Rice fills you up too much. Lettuce will even out some of the saltiness and bring a little bit of balance into the meal. See? I keep my health in mind when I eat :) Oh, there's soft serve ice cream too, vanilla, twist or chocolate.

This late night deal is from 10pm - 2am. I think I saw a sign for 15% off alcohol too. We really stayed there for 4 hours. It was so much fun! Great food and great company. It wasn't very crowded, which I like. There is one thing I don't like...I smell like korean food. The scent just permeate your whole being. You will have to shower and febreeze your clothes when you get home.

Can't wait to go again. Hope the deal will still be on when I get back from vacation!


Jeweled Thumb said...

umm yum. I need to read through your blog more to find new places for DH and I to eat (we're in G-burg). =)

glitteryeyesxx said...

SHUT THE F*CK UP!! Omg, I live 10 minutes away from this place. Hahahaha, wow. Lol, the food is pretty aiight. Have you tried Yechon right down the street? I freakin' love Annandale, so many delicious spots to hit up. Honey Pig is SO GOOD, too. I just hate the atmosphere there, though.

Joyce said...

yay all you guys are close to me :)

I don't think I have been to Yechon yet, but I have been to Honey Pig. It's pretty crazy there. Super crowded. Il Mee is much more relaxing :)

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