Tuesday, February 2, 2010

~ Cool Japanese Products ~

I love Japanese products because I think a lot of them have great design. A lot of times I look at the products and think, how did they come up with this?? Today, I found a little shop called Japan Trend Shop and they have all these fun products. Here are some that I find very interesting. Let me warn you that they may seem frivolous and totally unnecessary. But, that doesn't diminish it's cool/cute factor!

I remember when I was young, I read from my dad's gardening books about how to grow square tomatoes and it was the coolest thing! Now, that seems like nothing compared to star and heart shaped cucumbers! Just love it! Love the star ones! They are super cute for sushi!

I have actually seen these in Hong Kong and trust me, they are much cheaper than $52 that this site is selling them for! Nevertheless, I like them. I am surprised I haven't seen these on Etsy. Maybe I shouldn't have blogged about these and start up my own shop to sell these. Oh well. If you end up making these and selling them on Etsy, please just give me 10% of your profit :)

Really?? lol This could be pretty fun present for some people :)
I love the instructions: "A happy face means you're good to go. A neutral (flat-line) face means there's a little bit of detectable odor. If you get a sad face, it's time to grab the listerine". Hilarious!

They even have one for alcohol level and stinkiness!

I really want this one. There's a video on the site and they totally look real!

Bath Palette My Ocean
This one looks cool! I want one if my bathroom! The device is small too. You can hold it in one hand. According to the site, "The Bath Palette contains 9 blue LED lights that recreate the rippling, relaxing feel of the ocean in your own bathroom. This compact, sleek, egg-shaped device is more than meets the eye: the removable cover allows you to dim or brighten the lights at will, while a simple tilt of the body will activate or deactivate the flashing lights. There is also a removable weight that causes the Bath Palette to sink or float, all in the name of creating a diverse array of effects." They have a few other ones like this and ones that project galaxies too.

More bath time toys! You can drop these in water! They light up when the bottom touches water. I have seen stuff like this as convention giveaways. But, these are so much cuter!

This is super cute! Works with any shampoo and body wash supposedly. It would be great to have one for a picnic with kids.

Would my future kids be the coolest ones in class if they have flower and heart shape sandwiches for lunch?

Takoyaki Maker
Ooo, this can be a fun kitchen gadget! I love octopus balls! Hmm... does that sound weird? You can make different kinds of balls, not just octopus. Looks yummy!

I love Totoro!

Ok, I don't think this is cool, but definitely interesting! A pillow that resemble a girl's legs? How can that not be interesting?

NoPoPo Batteries - charges with liquid!
I don't know if these really works, but the description says you can charge it with any liquid, including urine!

Description: "The Pekoppa from Sega Toys is an innovative new communication plant that can respond to your speech with physical reactions using an internal “bio metal” that moves and bends depending on the current put through it." Kawaii! Who needs friends when you have a plant that will respond to your talking?
I know people who can't use the bathroom because they think other people can hear them. So, they keep flushing the toilet to mask the noise. This is the green solution for it! No more flushing! Just press the button and it'll play flushing sound! Comes in white and blue too.

Ok, that's it for now. Check out the sites for more fun products. I don't think I would buy anything there because it seems really expensive. I will definitely look for some of these in Hong Kong though. That Takoyaki Maker is so tempting!


Angela said...

lol a girl's lap. very interesting... i can't wait to go back to hk

Joyce said...


me too! just 1 more week for me :)

eki said...

ohh the jelly fish tank is so beautiful!! I want one X3

I have that takoyaki maker~ its so much fun making takoyaki :)

liisaa said...

These are all so cool!! i want the flusher noise gadget.

The Beading Gem said...

I want one of the jelly fish aquarium too! Too cool.

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