Tuesday, June 8, 2010

~ I Love LanoLips Lip Ointments! ~

I know I am not supposed to shop anymore. I know I know I know! I really need to stop reading all the beauty blogs because they always make me want to shop! I was reading Lipglossiping and I saw an article about LanoLips with all the benefits and swatches and I was sold! I had a mild obsession with lip glosses a few years back. I have suppressed it for a while, but it really flared up when I read the article. So, I shopped around and got these.

Basically, these are only sold in Australia. There were about 3 websites that sold these and I ended up buying from Addicted2LipBalm because they have packages which are a pretty good deal. Plus they have 10% off for first time buyers and free gifts! I became a Facebook fan and just in time to see that they were giving away free Palmer's Cocoa Butter Dark Chocolate and Cherry Lip Butter. I didn't even know Palmer's made lip products!

Here's the other free gift I got. Haven't tried it, but I will. :) It looks so yummy!

Anyway, I got these in Dark Honey, Rhubarb, Apple, Sunshine and the original 100% pure Lanolin. So far, I have only tried Rhubarb, Apple and the original. I love Apple! It looks really red in the tube, but it's a beautiful sheer color on the lips. It looks like what I would like my natural lip color to be. Rhubarb is also pretty nice. They are all very sheer and I think they looked more sheer on me than the pictures I see on Lipglossiping. But I wasn't building it up for color. I also love how my very long hair doesn't stick to my lips when the wind blows my hair onto my face. That's a big plus for me. Another big plus is the SPF15. It's not much, but at least it's something. None of the lip products I own right now has SPF so that justifies my purchase!

I think I bought way too many. But, it's ok. I am going to share with my mom. And maybe my cousins if they are nice. Lipglossiping stated that the original can be used to eczema so I may share some with my friends who have eczema. Or maybe, I should have a blog sale and sell all the stuff I got from Hong Kong that I will probably not use like nail art stickers, boots that are too small for me, pandora style bracelets, earrings and such. Dilemmas, dilemmas :)


Jeweled Thumb said...

I'm trying to put off buying these but it's getting so hard with all the love!

Joyce said...

hehe maybe u can take one off my hands :)

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

I love all cocoa butter products.

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