Monday, June 7, 2010

~ I Ate Momo at Ma & I Thai Restaurant ~

Yes, that's right. I ate Momo. It was yummy!

I don't know why that sushi roll is called Momo. It doesn't even have peach in it (momo means peach in Japanese). But, I saw it and I just had to have it. I never had asparagus in sushi before It was pretty good!

If you want to try Momo too, then head over to Ma & I in the South Loop of Chicago. It's a cute little place on Michigan between 13th and Roosevelt. The food was good. The staff was polite and service was quick. What I love the most is the layout though. They have these huge windows that were open when we were there. It was a nice, quiet Chicago evening and it just felt great to eat in that relaxing, urban environment.

Besides Momo, I also tried their curry. It was decent. Not too spicy. Overall it's a great little place to go to. If I live in the South Loop, I would probably walk over there for a relaxed dinner a few times a month. Sometimes, I do envy the urban life.

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My Dear Darling said...

Omg! *drool* I'm so hungry now! You always post yummy pics of food! I wish we had more restaurants with delicious food around our area! :)

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