Friday, June 4, 2010

~ Feature Friday: Hello Zoe ~

It's been so crazy that I didn't blog for a whole week! It was the trip and work and wedding planning and everything else in between. But of course I have to feature a shop. It's Friday afterall! This week, I am loving the quirky and cute plushes from Hello Zoe. Don't be fooled by the name. The artist behind these plushes is Nicole. She said got the name from hylozoism, which means a lot to her. I looked it up on Wikipedia. I still don't get it though.

Anyway, Nicole's plushes are not for little kids. They are for older children who wants a unique friend. Well, older children and people like me who loves dolls even though I am approaching the big 3-0. These are awesome because they are sophisticated with a quiet child-like quality. Check out this little bear! He's ready for adventure!

I think this is my favorite. It's so pure and innocent. It looks kinda like a giraffe, but supposedly, it's a Palla Abino Tlyaci. It made it to the front page of Etsy recently. Isn't it great that she's already getting to the front page even though her shop is relatively new?

This is one of her biggest plushes. It's a sloth but it looks like one of the robots from Castle in the Sky to me. His name is Murphy by the way.

Nicole has other talents too. Looks like she just started a blog and she wrote about her paper cutting experience. This is pretty good! I love the details! This inspires me to take out my exact-o knife and start cutting.

So, here you go! Cute yet sophisticated plushes for the inner kid in you! These will also be great for those preteens who think they are too old for plushes and don't realize they are still just kids. And they are one of a kind! Some of them use upcycled fabrics too! And....just take a look for yourself :) Have a great weekend!

~ Do you want to be featured? Leave a comment here and I will take a look at your shop. I will pick one to be featured every Friday! ~


Gladraggz and Carpetbagger Creations said...

CUTE little guys! Great blog!

La Alicia said...

I'd like to hug them all! :)

Sweet Anne said...

Wow, these are all so cute! And adorable! I do have a couple of nieces that need gifts....thanks for the great shop for us to check out!

PawsButton said...

They are absolutely precious! I want!

Kirameku said...

Those are so cute ! They are great findings !

bouji and nouna Contemporary baby Beddind |Decor| Toys said...

Great items! So cute!

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