Friday, July 22, 2011

~ Restaurant Week: Newton's Table ~

I had lunch yesterday at Newton's Table in Bethesda for restaurant week.  For $15, you get an appetizer and an entree.   I picked the shrimp for appetizer.  It's amazing!  The shrimp was huge!  The sauce was buttery and sweet.  I love it!!!

This was a melon something soup.  It was served cold and it's very refreshing.  But, kind of weird because it's sweet like a dessert.

 Then we had steak!  The presentation is very nice.  The steak was cooked just right.  Nothing spectacular, but it was good.

Guess what that white thing is.... it's potato!  Layers of potato with some cheese inside.  It was so good!!!!  I am hungry just think about this and the shrimps.

And then, we had dessert!  We saw it at the next table and just had to have it!  It's so cool looking.  The chocolate was awesome.  The cool looking candy thing?  It was ok.  

It's a pretty nice place.  Restaurant week ends on Sunday so try this place out if you have some time!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

~ Another Face Mask Haul from ~

So, I got a $10 coupon from for Method Swiss products and I couldn't resist. Method Swiss products are expensive! But, they were having a Buy 1 Get 1 Free sale and with the $10 coupon, it was a good deal.  And of course, I got more masks....

I saw these on Inside Out Elle and I thought they looked cute and I have seen good reviews so I got a variety box.

Then I saw the yellow Alice in Wonderland set and knew that I have to have it too!  It's yellow!  The box is so cute.  I think I am just going to put all my masks in there from now on and leave it on my desk.

Yes, they look cute on my desk!  I am a sucker for packaging, I know.  I like simple, but pretty and cute packaging.  Nothing excessive.

As an aside, here is my hair pin collection.  I love hair pins!!!

I really think I have enough beauty products... But, I recently saw an ad from Missha...20% off everything and only $8.99 for their newest color Honey Beige.  That's like $7 something after the coupon!  And their whole Super Aqua line is on sale for 50% off.  Man... I must resist!!!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

~ Yummy Burgers at Elevation Burgers in Germantown ~

Germantown is a pretty happening place nowadays.  In the Germantown town center, new restaurants opened this summer including Chipotle, Yogi Castle and Elevation Burgers.  Who needs Rockville anymore? :)  My friend recommended Elevation Burgers and I was a little bit skeptical at first.  It's a block away from Five Guys and I don't even like Five Guys.  But, we walked by today and decided to try it.

It's an interesting place.  You walk in and you have to fill out this form for your burger.  They have all kinds of toppings and sauce to choose from.  I tried the Elevation sauce, but didn't really notice any specific flavor.  I should've added hot sauce.

The food was certainly fresh!  Can you see the steam coming out of the burger?  They have a conveyor belt cooking the fresh daily grinded beef patties.  It's quite a sight!  The burgers were so juicy!!  I like it a lot more than Five Guys.  The fries looked good too, but we didn't get any.  We were being kind of healthy.

They have milkshakes too!  And they can add 2 ingredients in for free.  We got strawberries and Oreos.  I think the strawberries were frozen ones.  I didn't care for them but overall it was good.

Another fun thing... these plates!  They have a handle with a hole that's perfect for drinks.  I like this place.  It's gonna be hard to pick what to eat in that area with so many good choices....Chipotle?  Elevation Burgers?  Sabai Sabai?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

~ Unique Dining Experience at Makoto ~

It was our 1 year anniversary a couple weeks ago and we went down to Georgetown for a romantic little dinner.  Our friend recommended a special place called Makoto.  It's a tiny little place, but it sure is special. First of all, men are required to wear jackets.  And they require credit card information for reservations.  Fancy!  

When we walked in, we were greeted by a very nice Japanese lady who instructed us to take off our shoes and put on a pair of slippers.  The wooden chairs are ottomans that can store purses.  We got tea and water and even that was served with flair.  A strange thing is.... the coasters.  If you are Chinese, you may recognize these as money that is burnt for the dead.  What??  Why would they use these for coasters??  WEIRD!

But, the food was good.  We ordered the chef's special which is $60 for 8-10 courses. I was so shy and wasn't sure if we could take pictures so I missed the first few courses.  The first one was awesome looking soup served in a conch shell.  Definitely very interesting.  This is the main course... Chillean bass.

This was my husband's entree.  Very good steak.

Then, we had shabu shabu!  It was interesting.  I didn't like one of the sauces, but the rest was good.  The waitresses cooked the food for us at table side.  Look at this mushroom!  So cute!

This was another course... sushi!  Very fresh fish!

This is the dessert.  Some concord grape shaved ice thing.  I liked it.  Very refreshing.

Everything was good!  The service was just so thoughtful and excellent.  I like all the small dishes.  My husband thought he would still be hungry afterwards, but he wasn't.  Of course, I gave him some of my food 'cause it was too much for me.  There was some dishes that I didn't like but I am just very picky with raw seafood.  It was the first time I had raw scallop and it's just not my thing.  It's definitely interesting!!  We had a great time and I certainly felt special!  

Thursday, July 7, 2011

~ Updates for Dante and Dylan ~

It's been a while, but I am happy to report that Dante has been adopted!!!  Hop over to to see how he's doing at his new home!

Since Dante left, Dylan has become less timid.  But, he's still afraid of reaching hands.  Sometimes, he'll let us pet him without chasing him down, so that's an improvement!

Dylan and Momo are best friends now!  They even went on a hike together!  More pictures at!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

~ Independence Day Sale & New Earrings ~

I am so excited about this weekend that I decided to have a big sale at Happy Cloud Moments and Happy Cloud Supplies!  Just put in "Happy4th" for 20% off everything!  Also, I can combine shipping for both shops.  Just check out as usual and I will refund the extra shipping fee via Paypal.

And just in time for the sale, I made new earrings!  I love these so much.  I am keeping a few pairs for myself.  Every time I wear them, people tells me I am pretty.  Ok, I am just kidding.  They said the earrings are pretty :)  I called these Adrianna and they come in 5 colors:  Moss Green, Soft Blue, Black Mist, Powder Pink and Plum.

I am off to baby sit and some shopping!  I hope you have a wonderful long weekend!
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