Friday, July 22, 2011

~ Restaurant Week: Newton's Table ~

I had lunch yesterday at Newton's Table in Bethesda for restaurant week.  For $15, you get an appetizer and an entree.   I picked the shrimp for appetizer.  It's amazing!  The shrimp was huge!  The sauce was buttery and sweet.  I love it!!!

This was a melon something soup.  It was served cold and it's very refreshing.  But, kind of weird because it's sweet like a dessert.

 Then we had steak!  The presentation is very nice.  The steak was cooked just right.  Nothing spectacular, but it was good.

Guess what that white thing is.... it's potato!  Layers of potato with some cheese inside.  It was so good!!!!  I am hungry just think about this and the shrimps.

And then, we had dessert!  We saw it at the next table and just had to have it!  It's so cool looking.  The chocolate was awesome.  The cool looking candy thing?  It was ok.  

It's a pretty nice place.  Restaurant week ends on Sunday so try this place out if you have some time!

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