Saturday, July 16, 2011

~ Yummy Burgers at Elevation Burgers in Germantown ~

Germantown is a pretty happening place nowadays.  In the Germantown town center, new restaurants opened this summer including Chipotle, Yogi Castle and Elevation Burgers.  Who needs Rockville anymore? :)  My friend recommended Elevation Burgers and I was a little bit skeptical at first.  It's a block away from Five Guys and I don't even like Five Guys.  But, we walked by today and decided to try it.

It's an interesting place.  You walk in and you have to fill out this form for your burger.  They have all kinds of toppings and sauce to choose from.  I tried the Elevation sauce, but didn't really notice any specific flavor.  I should've added hot sauce.

The food was certainly fresh!  Can you see the steam coming out of the burger?  They have a conveyor belt cooking the fresh daily grinded beef patties.  It's quite a sight!  The burgers were so juicy!!  I like it a lot more than Five Guys.  The fries looked good too, but we didn't get any.  We were being kind of healthy.

They have milkshakes too!  And they can add 2 ingredients in for free.  We got strawberries and Oreos.  I think the strawberries were frozen ones.  I didn't care for them but overall it was good.

Another fun thing... these plates!  They have a handle with a hole that's perfect for drinks.  I like this place.  It's gonna be hard to pick what to eat in that area with so many good choices....Chipotle?  Elevation Burgers?  Sabai Sabai?

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