Thursday, November 24, 2011

~ Happy Thanksigiving and Sales Galore ~

Happy Thanksgiving!  I am thankful for my friends, family, health.... you know... the usual stuff.  Instead of getting all mushy, I will just get down to what's important for today.... sales!  Ok, I am just kidding, sales are not that important, but certainly fun to shop with your relatives right?

First... 33% off on on certain styles!  The boots that I have been drooling over are included!!!  I got them in black because I want black boots, but I think they look better in the caramel color.  Should I just get it in caramel and get another pair of black boots? is having a spectacular 50% off sale!  I am tempted by the yellow coat and the purple coat, but nothing else much.  I already got a coat from here earlier that I simply love.  I should control myself, but for $35... it's kind of hard.

I like the free shipping off anything at Victoria's Secret, but other than that, no biggie.

Carter's and Osh K'osh is having 50% off everything on their site too.  Though I think it may be a better deal at the stores 'cause they have the discount at the store too and extra $20 off $40 coupon.  New York and Company also has 50% off everything.  The Body Shop and Bath and Body Works also have great deals.  Missha has 40% off everything, but I remember it was 50% off everything around Christmas time.  But, you know what else?  I am having an awesome sale for Happy Cloud Supplies!  Check out these jewelry displays for just $4!!  Hurry and put your order in.  I only have 1 of each.

There are also lots of items for just $1!  I am not done putting everything on sale, but will be finished by tonight.  Happy Shopping!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

~ Bobby's Burger Palace in College Park ~

It's been a while, I know.  And I am sure you know why.  Work work work!  Well, I finally got a change to go out and play and eat!  On this special occasion, my friends and I headed to Bobby's Burger Palace in College Park.  Bobby aka Bobby Flay.  It's a new place with dorm-cafeteria-ish long tables and a sushi-bar-esque burger bar.  It's very casual and upbeat.  

Each table has a basket of sauces.  I love the chipotle ketchup!!!

This is the Miami burger... with Ham, Swiss Cheese mustard and mayo.  Nothing crazy, but very classically good.  Love the toasted bun!

I got the Dallas Burger.  It has coleslaw, bbq sauce and monterey jack cheese.  It's very flavorful.

I got it well done and it was still nice and moist inside.

I also got sweet potato fries.  I love these!  Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside.  Yum!!  

This is the November special... crunchified!  What's cruncified?  It's chips added to the burger!  This november special is only here for another week, so go try it!  It has an egg and bacon!  I am going to go try it next week :)

As a bonus, I know you all miss Momo, so here are some pics of him!

He's such a prude!! hehe  I hope everyone is having a great time, getting ready for Thanksgiving.  I will try to post some good deals for you if I am not too busy shopping :)

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