Monday, February 28, 2011

~ Cabin Fever Sale at ~

Spring time means shopping for new dresses! I think I am outgrown Forever 21 because I only bought a few things there last year. I guess that's what happens when most of my twenties are behind me. So, I was on the look out for a new store to obsessed about and I happened to see a pretty yellow dress in a Facebook ad. It's for

The dress I saw was pretty expensive.  And I was just about to give up when I saw their banner about a sale!  Sale?  Of course, I just have to look!  And.... that led to a $300+ shopping cart.

At the end I chose the following items...  First up, a bright yellow jacket!  This is so cute with the white trim! and the scallop flap for the pockets!  It's called the Yellow-So-Cute-Coat and only $24! 

This is the Serpentine Way Dress.  Very sophisticated and it's $45.  It's good for work right?  I got a medium... I hope it fits my gigantic ... bottom.

Now, this "Vision of Blue Dress" is very pretty.  The deep V is a little too low for me, but nothing a nice cami can't fix.   And I usually don't wear mute blues, but I just love the style too much to let this one go.  And it was the last one, which makes me think that I have to buy it now.  It may not be there later!  Only $27 :)

I usually wouldn't wear a dress like this.  I feel like that kind of neck line is very conservative and mature.  But the print is so cute!  They are all little bows!  Only $21, so it's worth a try!  It's called "Just This Once".

This "Crosswalk Catwalk Jacket" is for my mom.  See?  I wasn't just shopping for myself.  She loves her and this style of jacket.  I am pretty sure she'll like it.  Only $34.

This "Cloud Coverage Dress" is nothing spectacular.  But it was only $17 and I think it'll be cute with a little cardigan or shrug.

This is the only dress that wasn't on sale that I got.  It's called "Poppy Go Lightly Dress"  I love poppy prints!  The sleeves are interesting and I hope I can pull it off.  It was the last one so I just had to get it!  I hate how they tell you how many is left is stock!

Overall, I had an awesome time shopping at  They have some really cute shoes and accessories too!  Though, some of the "apartment" items and accessories, I recognize from my trips to the wholesale malls in China and I see their big markup.  Their site is great though.  Great shopping experience!  Everything loaded quickly.  Very clean and intuitive interface.  I wish more stores are like that, namely Victoria's Secret's site.  I hate shopping on their site.  Anyway, I will post about these dresses again after I get them.  I hope I get them soon!

Friday, February 25, 2011

~ Kamipita Hair Velcro Bow ~

I know these are not anything new, but I just got them so they are new to me!  Do you know what this is? 

These are velcro hair bows!  Aren't they cute?  I think you can buy some online.  I have seen them in a few websites and on Amazon. 

These are to keep your fringes or bangs easily from your face.  These are awesome for when I have to wash my face!  They don't have the tightest hold.  I mean, it's not a clip.  But it's fine for washing my face and using it around the house.

These also came in very handy for school girl costumes.  I will have to look for more of these when I go back to Hong Kong this year.  I wonder if they have yellow ones... maybe a yellow star?? 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

~ New Jewelry for St Patrick's Day at Happy Cloud Moments~

Good bye Valentine's Day.... Hello St Patrick's Day!  While it's still about 3 weeks away, I already worked on some festive jewelry for Happy Cloud Moments.  These pieces all feature one of the newer Swarovski crystal shapes:  clover. 

A simple necklace like this one would be great to show a little spirit at the office.

Maybe you want something a little fancier.  How about two clovers?  They are so cute together!

I made some earrings too!  3 color combinations... this is Shamrock Love...the Midnight Edition.  These are for your St Patty parties at night.

This is Shamrock Love... the Morning Edition.  These are perfect for the parades!

These are Shamrock Love... the Dusk Edition.  Gold clovers and Pink hearts for watching the sunset... with a few beers.

I made a two dainty little bracelets.  The little clovers are embedded in my favorite little sterling silver heart chain.  This is the pure green version.

This is the pot of gold version.  Very simple and perfect for every day wear.

Clovers come in the following colors.  Let me know if you want to customize any of these pieces. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

~ Star Shaped Eggs ~

Remember how I was obsessed with making star shaped eggs?  Well, I did get a star shaped thingy.  It's not yellow, but it was $1 and I figure I will try it out. I am not sure that it's really for eggs.  I think it is.  But, maybe it's more for scrambled eggs?  I had to put oil on the inside of the ring so the egg doesn't stick to it.

After a few failed attempts, I think I got it...

This is the breakfast for an all-star!!  It takes a lil bit longer to make stars than to make regular eggs, but it's just so cute! 

Maybe I should get a star-shaped bread cutter to match my egg!  I saw some at TJMaxx the other day...  It would go very nice with these eggs....

Sunday, February 20, 2011

~ Katsucon 17 ~

Katsucon 17!!!!  After Otakon last August, I have been thinking about going to another anime convention.  It's hard to find time and every time I go, I want to dress up.  And that takes even more time!  So, my hot sailor friend convinced me to go and I did the simplest costume of all:  the Japanese School girl.

Check us out :)  It's fun to walk around with people in costumes!  Makes me really want to dress up again!  I need to watch some new anime for inspiration.  Any suggestions?

One of the main reasons I love going is to check out all of the awesome art and merchandise.  Everything is so cute!  But, the merchandise room is a lot smaller than the one in Otakon.  I was looking for t-shirts and a pretty strap for my camera.  But, I didn't see anything I liked.

I thought about getting one of these swords, but where would I put this?  The Ichigo mask is cool too!

There were so many cute lil figures!  I love them all.  Good thing I have self-control.

This is one of my favorites!

Look at this cute lil yellow one!

I didn't see that many hardcore cosplayers this time.  Maybe we got there too late...or I just wasn't as easily impressed this time because it's not my first time.

I am going to think about another costume.  There's an anime convention in Chicago in May.  I am planning a trip there in May so let's see if I can go there too.  See you there next time!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

~ Won Ton Party ~

My friend made some won tons a while ago and it was so awesome that we made her teach us how to do it. are the ingredients:  black mushrooms (optional), pork, shrimp, and yellow chives.

So, we chopped up everything, added oyster sauce, white pepper and egg... and I forgot what else.  By the way, don't use ground pork.  It's better if you chop the pork yourself.

We got 2 kinds of skins.  One is Hong Kong style that's yellow....

And one is Shanghai style in white.  I think they taste the same, but some people prefer the white ones. 

Look!  Do they look cute?  I think this one looks like a butt :D

Some of us made pretty ones.  It's easy!  But it did take a few tries...

Like.... some of these didn't turn out so nice... but it's ok.  Because they are all going to look the same after they are cooked.

See?  Yum yum!!!  It's awesome to make food together with friends!  And the won tons were so good that we ate all of them.  Didn't have any leftovers!  Crap, I forgot I am not suppose to write about food at night.... now I am hungry!
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